Essential Tips for Hiring the Right Insurance Broker

The future of insurance brokerage will only reward brokers that adapt to and embrace current trends, such as digital transformation. The highly fragmented insurance landscape does not make matters any easier for businesses looking for brokers. The dynamics in customer demographics, technology and economics require customised actuarial models. Since an insurance broker represents a customer and not an insurer, you must exercise due diligence when looking for a service provider. This article highlights essential tips for choosing the right insurance broker.

Types of business insurance every company should have

Business insurance is an essential aspect due to the financial risk business is exposed to in the event of an accident. You should take a few minutes to understand the types of insurance policies available and the ones you need, which could save you money. Some examples of business insurance you should have include: Liability insurance Liability insurance is a policy that protects a business against negligence based on mistakes or the failure to perform.

Civil Contracting Insurance: Practical Tips for Efficient Claims

Insurance is critical for your business if you have a civil contracting operation. In general, there are numerous risks such as injuries, material losses and other liability from which you must protect your company. If your business is not sufficiently protected, you could end up losing a lot of money and falling into debt due to lawsuits by customers, employees and subcontractors. After purchasing your civil contracting insurance policy, you will need to make your claims after unfortunate incidents.

5 Things New Employers Need to Know About Worker's Compensation

As an employer, you are required to provide worker's compensation insurance for your employees. If you haven't bought this type of coverage before, you may have a lot of questions. Here's an overview of what you need to know. 1. You Buy Worker's Compensation From Private Carriers When it's time to buy worker's compensation, you need to contact a commercial insurance agent. WorkSafe or the equivalent organization in your state or territory does not provide worker's compensation insurance.

Four Steps to Reduce Your Truck Insurance Premiums

Insurance is one of the largest fixed expenses that every trucking company faces today. Trucking insurance is expensive compared to smaller vehicles and semi-trucks due to the nature of work that trucks are involved in. Of course, other factors such as the age and experience of the truck driver also come into play when calculating premiums. There are several ways you can reduce your truck's insurance premiums and lighten the load on your annual trucking expenses.